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Wireline Service
BeauTech, Inc. provides equipment and service to optimize oil and gas production from existing wells.  There are 5 key types of service and equipment involved:
We are a distributor for the highest quality Ferguson Beauregard / Logic Controls plunger lift equipment (Vertically Installed Pig Systems). VIPS assist the well in lifting fluids to the surface by utilizing the well's own energy. Equipment ranges from all the surface and down-hole hardware and well head controls to computerized automation assisting in productivity. We install and tune the entire system.
Gas Lift Systems are designed to lift low to high volumes of fluid to the surface utilizing injected gas normally from an on-site compressor or a compressor servicing several wells in a field. Any gas available lending sufficient injection pressure may be used. We provide the entire service including a valve calibration and pressure testing shop, system design, gas lift valves and mandrels, special application design and on-site installation supervision.
Our Wireline (slickline) Service provides many different services to aid in maximizing oil and gas well productivity. Wireline utilizes a number of different tools which are run into the well to perform specific functions designed to analyze and correct well conditions or maximize well productivity.
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SLOW JACK™ is a simple yet effective means to reduce strokes per minute (SPM) in order to match the inflow of your formation. The SLOW JACK™ unit installs in series with the existing belt drive on conventional beam pumping units. The double belt arrangement increases the mechanical advantage and allows the operator to adjust SPM below the normal limits while maintaining current production. Reduction of SPM results in substantial savings.
Gas Lift
Plunger Lift
The BGC™ primary function is to relieve backpressure on oil and gas wells utilizing the energy of a pumping unit. Recently introduced is the Hydraulic BGC™ which offers all the advantages of the original beam gas compressor wellhead compression without the pumping unit. A few other advantages of a long list of both products are; 9 ratios of compression, high temperature steam floods, high BTU gas, H2S environment.
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